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At Under the Wing Productions we want to ‘provide a platform for aspiring filmmakers to learn and grow their craft.’

But what does that mean?

In the ever-evolving realm of video production, we hope to become a source of innovation and mentorship. We aim to foster upcoming talent as they find their footing into the industry. 
A shining example of this is the recent journey of our first ever work experience student, Woody.

Woody’s Week

Woody’s first days were spent learning the basics of filming. The team got together to build an interview set in the office and proceeded to question one another on-camera. Woody saw the effects of lighting, the importance of a boom operator, and how to frame a shot.

Mid-week we took Woody to a shoot for Bristol 24/7 and Deliveroo at Biblos in Wapping Wharf; where he gained firsthand experience of the intricate art of video production and even took his own Behind the Scenes stills. Guided by some of our team, he learned to wield cameras, manage lighting, and capture the ambience with finesse.

“My favourite thing was filming a short advert … and I got to see how it was all done… I quite liked the editing which was pretty fun”


If Woody’s experience is something you might be interested in – or if you want to have a chat with the team send us a message!

But the learning curve didn’t stop there. Woody also delved into the post-production process, honing his skills in video editing by using Premiere Pro to cut together some archived UTW skate footage. This immersive experience equipped him with technical prowess and a deeper understanding of the meticulous craftsmanship behind video editing.

By the end of the week, Woody expressed his newfound desire to look into applying to Boom Satsuma Film School to further develop his knowledge within the world of production.

We believe mentorship will shape the next generation of creatives and allow talented individuals to reach their full potential in an industry that may have previously overlooked them.

Woody’s journey stands as a testament to the value of sharing knowledge and offering invaluable opportunities. As he continues to spread his wings in the world of video production, he carries with him new lessons and an ever-growing passion for the world of filmmaking.

Author: Erin Capener

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